Erika Lipkin, CPA, MaCC

NC License # 32339, NY License # 095602

About Erika Lipkin

Why did you start this business?


After working in a wide variety of accounting and technology roles, I realized that my true passion is working with businesses and individuals, helping them use their financial and accounting data to reach their goals. Numbers don’t just tell a story that happened in the past; they can also be used prospectively to plan for the future.


Developing clean and clear accounting processes and customizing systems based on actual day-to-day processes helps to generate numbers that are relevant and useful. These numbers can be used to tell the story of the past, provide a snapshot of the present, and develop objectives to meet goals for the future. With accurate and useful financial information, tax and business strategies can be developed more easily and effectively.


I enjoy the process of opening minds to the power of accounting, helping clients to gain a greater understanding of the data and numbers, which can ultimately lead them to greater success and much less day-to-day stress.


Who is your ideal accounting and/or bookkeeping client?


My ideal accounting client is ready to work with a trusted partner who can help them develop better systems and processes.  This client is open to adopting new processes for tracking and documenting financial information.


Our relationship is a two-way street, so I will always have expectations of my clients, and we will define our roles in our process up front.  If my client doesn’t have the bandwidth to work directly with me, I am able to work with an internal resource or their assistant.  I always need a point of communication to gather data and ensure compliance.


We may have quite a bit of work up front, but ultimately, the system we develop will enable my client to have more time and freedom to develop their business and work on programs and activities that support its growth. Together, we can address any issues and problems that are preventing my client from getting the accounting data they need to support day-to-day operations and meet goals.



What other services do you provide?  How do work with them clients?


I also prepare tax returns for businesses, individuals and non-profits and provide accounting services to small businesses, investors and multi-asset family offices. For all of my clients, I like to stay on track with annual, semi-annual or quarterly planning meetings and checkpoints, depending on the individual situation.


How much do you charge?


I seek to build relationships with my clients, rather than doing one-off projects or a simple tax return.  I build my proposals packaging advisory and compliance services into an up front fee and monthly maintenance fees that will bundle a collection of services my client needs.  This way, I truly understand my clients’ goals and am able to work with them throughout the year to more effectively help them be compliant and minimize taxes. I work in multiple industries but most enjoy helping clients who have a small business or investment holdings that provide them with additional opportunities to minimize taxes.  I have a strong understanding of accounting and financial reporting and also enjoy helping my clients understand what numbers are important to focus on to understand how their business or investments are performing and what they should expect to pay in taxes.


What is your background in accounting?


After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Kenan Flagler School of Business), I worked with technology as a deployment and process consultant at Accenture and then DoubleClick (now part of Google). After working in this field for several years, I developed a strong interest in the role of accounting and financial data in the Strategic Planning function. I then left technology to pursue a career in accounting, obtaining my Masters in Accounting at Baruch College in New York City and then working as an auditor and structured finance assurance associate at Ernst & Young, LLP. Prior to starting my firm, I worked as a Controller for a private investment entity, managed a large family office for a high net worth family, and worked locally as a seasonal tax preparer.


What do you like to do in your spare time?


I am a mother to two children, and we enjoy spending time together doing activities around the area, working on creative projects at home, and learning from and experiencing each other.  I enjoy exercising and may be found exercising at my home gym, with Les Mills on Demand and my 2 cats doing their own exercises next to me, running around town (literally), or playing tennis.


In am also an active volunteer. I volunteer for the PTA at both of my childrens’ schools – Davis Drive Middle School (Vice President) and Green Hope Elementary (School Beautification Co-Chair).  Once a month, I volunteer with my daughter at The Goathouse Refuge, a local no-kill animal sanctuary that matches pet owners with their ideal kitty. In the past, I have also volunteered for VITA, preparing tax returns for individuals qualifying for the Earned Income Credit at my local library.