Lipkin CPA provides personalized, high quality services and seeks to partner with clients to truly understand their needs and goals. Your accounting and tax needs are my number 1 priority. I’ll help you demystify the process of accounting and taxation, so it is not frustrating or stressful to you. I’m approachable, patient, and helpful and enjoy making the process of accounting and reporting simple and painless for you.


“Clean and clear accounting clarifying purpose and direction.”

I take a holistic approach to accounting. By combining your accounting data with your day-to-day processes and activities, the goals you are reaching for, the obstacles and limitations you face, and the market you serve, a larger system emerges. I will work with you to help you visualize and understand that system and how your accounting practices shape it and, ultimately, can move it in the right direction.



I provide high quality services and deliverables. As a trusted advisor, I believe it is my responsibility to provide insights and information that will lead you to make well-informed decisions.


I take my adherence to the moral and ethical principles of the accounting profession seriously. Every year, I complete more than the required amount of continuing education training, and I am constantly researching new solutions, technologies and information that can benefit my clients. I take your confidentially seriously, and all conversations and information that you provide me with will remain just between you and me. At Lipkin CPA, you will not only find an advisor who seeks your best interests, but also an honest partner.


I want clients to feel smart and saavy! By educating you, I am able to better partner with you. No question is too silly or basic.


When you work with me, your information will be strictly confidential. I will use secure systems to transmit and store your confidential information that we will set up and work on together. Everything we discuss, work on, and develop together will remain in confidence.